About Us

Located on a 50-acre facility, Thomson & Thomson, Inc. is a Tennessee construction firm with a long history of reliability. The west Tennessee firm primarily handles the building and repair of concrete, steel and wooden bridges. They are licensed, bonded and insured in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Thomson & Thomson, Inc. is located in Madison County, a few miles from Jackson and I-40, just one hour east of Memphis. They share their location with Construction Products Inc. of Tennessee, a production facility producing a full range of precast and/or prestressed products.

Thomson & Thomson, Inc., specializes in the extremely tough job of bridge repairs or rebuilding projects that are managed while keeping the bridge open and the traffic flowing. They recognize the importance of working in conjunction with local communities and road departments to not inconvenience the public and for general public safety. They strive to perform the highest level of repair work while allowing ambulances, emergency service traffic and the public continued access to bridges and roadways.